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About me

Mission Statement

Developing a voice is a process that is equal parts mental and physical and it is my firm belief that optimal voice training is evidenced based, goal-oriented, and individualized. My mission is to empower each clients individual voice, by using strategies from voice science, voice and speech work, mind-body awareness, and motor learning. Every person has one voice that is capable of a wide range of sounds and styles. I believe in providing an individualized approach that guides each singer towards a vocal production that is flexible, dynamic and resilient. My goal is to equip my clients with a technical facility and knowledge of their instrument that will allow them to be self-sustaining actors, vocalists and artists throughout their career.

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Client Testimonials

Jordan Headshot.jpeg

"Joey is the best of the best. I am currently singing songs that I never thought I would have the range for, that now, I belt out with ease. After my first lesson with Joey, he was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a singer. I have never left a lesson disappointed, or feeling like I didn’t accomplish something."

Suzi Headshot.JPG

“Joey’s technique and easy approach have transformed the way I view and feel about singing. Joey is both encouraging and highly knowledgeable, and has helped me to produce sounds I didn’t know I could, and with ease! Terminology and visualizations are used to fit the student, with no set way of explaining anything, but in a conversational way until ideas click. Joey has been extremely helpful in the journey to find and love my most authentic voice. Lessons are always something wonderful to look forward to, with new progress and discoveries made every session.”

Thomas headshot.JPG

“I’ve been taking voice lessons for a decade, and starting to study with Joey Harrell really changed the game on vocal training for me. Not only does Joey approach each lesson with a well of knowledge regarding vocal physiology, technique, and health, but he truly teaches to the specific student. He takes into account each specific student’s experience and relationship to their voice and uses that information to devise the best vocal training strategies for them, rather than one blanket teaching style for each of his very different students. He has truly changed my voice and my confidence as a singer, and I can’t wait to see what more I will learn from him.”

Alejandro Headshot.JPG

“What can I say about Joey! He’s been my vocal guru since my Senior Year in College, and I’ve never met someone more committed and excited about their craft. Joey is specific and patient, and he’s really good at letting you discover your own growth. I don’t let anyone else tell me how to sing…”

Logan Saad Headshot.JPG

"My name is Logan Saad and I am a rising freshman BFA Musical Theatre major at the University of Michigan. I have been Joey’s student since the middle of my junior year in high school. I didn’t have a lot of previous vocal training, and Joey did a wonderful job introducing me to the basics of vocal training while pushing me to be better. He is also great at explaining technical terms in a visual way. Since I work with him over Skype this helps me physicalize what he is saying without actually being in the room with him. Joey is not only an amazing vocal coach but a true friend and mentor, and I am grateful for having worked with him for the past two years."

Amy button Headshot.jpg

"Joey's teaching and vocal technique have completely altered the way that I sing. I have never been more confident in vocal auditions than with using his methods. The new-found strength that I have gained from studying with him is what I need to really propel me forward in this industry. I would highly recommend studying with Joey!!!"

Bodner Headshot.jpg

"Joey is truly one of the best voice teachers I have had in my life. For as long as I can remember, I have been taking voice lessons. No one has helped me, not only transform my voice, but also my confidence as a singer and a performer until I met Joey. He genuinely cares about you as a human and wants you to succeed. His knowledge in vocal pedagogy is outstanding and he has really helped me approach singing in such a healthy, easeful, and fun way. Joey is truly a gift to the vocal world and I'm so thankful that I found him." 

Sargent Headshot.jpeg

"Since starting with Joey, I’ve never been more comfortable with attacking the work and identifying my vocal strengths and weaknesses. In lessons, singing is not viewed as final product, but rather an ever-changing skill that can be mastered. Joey’s observations and knowledge of vocal technique have expanded my awareness of how my own voice works. Additionally, he maintains the perfect balance of professionalism and staying grounded in the fact that at the end of the day, we just want to sing!"


"Joey is an ideal voice teacher. He doesn’t just give a general note, he works to make his point clear and fully understood by the student in a way that makes sense for them. His approach is thorough and he doesn’t use a one size fits all approach. When you work with Joey, you start learn how easy and natural singing can be. My technique is leaps and bounds stronger than when I began working with him and, because of that, My confidence in my voice has skyrocketed."

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